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Bluehat UK

Bluehat UK

Bluehat are now the sole license holder for Catalyst Global products in the UK. Catalyst Teambuilding UK is now operated as separate division of Bluehat.

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With 20 years experience of corporate event management, Catalyst has in depth knowledge of all major conference destinations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In fact, name a major hotel and they have probably delivered one of our unique indoor or outdoor team games at that venue!

Powerful Partnership

Bluehat UK, have taken on the license to continue running Catalyst events in the UK in exactly the same way they did before. This means your events will be delivered in the same way, with the same high standards, and with the same innovative kit and delivery as before. UK clients will now benefit from even more choice, experience and expertise.

Perfect timing

Catalyst’s restructure comes at a time when Bluehat have just reported record results. Tim Shepley, Managing Director of Bluehat UK, says: “For 21 years Catalyst have been developing fantastic teambuilding events and we are delighted to be delivering these events for them in the UK alongside ours. Clients want to know that their events company will fully understand their needs and provide the right solution at the right time for their specific teams. Adding Catalyst’s experience to our own gives us this fuller understanding.”

Original Team

Bluehat have hit the ground running by bringing on two key players from the original catalyst team:

Charlotte Cornwallis becomes Head of Sales for Catalyst UK and expects to continue building strong relationships with both agency and corporate clients. Charlotte says: “This is a very exciting time for teambuilding because clients can now benefit from the creative strength of Catalyst working together with Bluehat. We expect to offer clients the benefit of our pooled experience, which is second to none in the industry.”

Fiona Craven has 11 years experience of delivering Catalyst Events and becomes Head of Events for Catalyst UK. She comments that: “Working alongside Bluehat’s events team means that together we can deliver even stronger solutions for clients who take teambuilding events seriously. We share the philosophy of learning through experience and both teams have developed some very successful and unique products.”

Bluehat’s Team

Bluehat UK has a full time team of 14 experts from a variety of fields. This full time team are supported by a strong part time event crew who have the most team building experience in the country. The team also draw on the experience of freelance experts when it’s important to provide a more specific solution for a client.


"Thanks to the Dream Team for turning a very suspicious and cynical crowd into an enthusiastic and excited bunch of people ... the impact that the Big Picture had on the whole company was absolutely amazing. People still can't believe that they played a part in creating the masterpiece which now stands in the Atrium. The excitement from the day still lingers in the building and has helped to lift everyone's spirits. You guys rock!and roll"


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